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Rubber Duck Match

Yellow Duck Life Saver
Get your ducks in a row...always be prepared with flotation.


Make some noise ~ spread the message:

Floats Save Lives


While people tend to think of drowning as a summer safety risk, many people drown in the winter as they don't expect to fall in and their bodies quickly react to the cold water.

Our goal is to save lives by raising awareness about the importance of flotation when near water - any time of the year!  

Quack about it!

If you're near water, bring flotation!

Rubber Duckies love to float so let them do their thing all the while bringing attention to our cause.

We are hosting a New Year's Day Rubber Duck Match!

Who's Been Quacking 

Rubber Duckies
Image by Rajvir Kaur
Image by Scotty Bobbity

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We'd love to hear from you and see photos of your Rubber Duck Race !

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