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Host a Rubber Duck Race


Rubber Duck Races come in many shapes and sizes!

The important thing is that you QUACK about it and spread the message - floats save lives!

Whether you host a duck race for a birthday party, neighborhood gathering or fundraiser event, bringing a bit of fun competition to the proceedings and bringing awareness to the importance of flotation when near water is a win-win!


Rubber ducks love to float, adults and children love sponsoring the ducks, and spectators enjoy watching the race fromt the sidelines - it's a great opportunity to share with others the message - floats save lives!   

Spread the message

Hosting a Rubber Duck Race is fun and fairly simple. There are many resources on how to run a rubber duck race. 

On your mark
Get Set

Once you've got all your ducks in a row, let us help you spread the message.

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